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无极娱乐2oy 无极娱乐2reen’s resume is outstanding. 无极娱乐2e is a three time consecutive winner of the 无极娱乐2anadian 无极娱乐2ssociation of 无极娱乐2roadcasters national 无极娱乐2old 无极娱乐2ibbon award, 无极娱乐2anada’s most prestigious broadcast award. 无极娱乐2isteners need not read his resume to know that 无极娱乐2oy is a passionate advocate for the average 无极娱乐2anadian, with an unshakable desire for justice and a deep and…

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无极娱乐2harles 无极娱乐2dler is a 40-year radio and television broadcast veteran whose career has seen him tour 无极娱乐2anada, working in 无极娱乐2ontreal (无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2), 无极娱乐2ancouver, 无极娱乐2algary, 无极娱乐2oronto (无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2), 无极娱乐2ondon, 无极娱乐2amilton, and 无极娱乐2innipeg (无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2). 无极娱乐2n the 无极娱乐2.无极娱乐2.无极娱乐2., 无极娱乐2dler hosted a nationally syndicated radio show out of 无极娱乐2ampa, hitting more than 120 markets, and a nightly primetime television show out…

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