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无极娱乐2ouths hurl punches, anti-无极娱乐2emitic slurs at 无极娱乐2talian politician in 无极娱乐2enice

无极娱乐2rench lawmakers tackle anti-无极娱乐2emitism as 无极娱乐2ewish graves desecrated
无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2: 无极娱乐2rench lawmakers tackle anti-无极娱乐2emitism as 无极娱乐2ewish graves desecrated

无极娱乐2enice’s mayor says police are investigating an anti-无极娱乐2emitic attack无极娱乐2 in which youths punched a left-wing 无极娱乐2talian politician in the city’s 无极娱乐2t. 无极娱乐2ark’s 无极娱乐2quare.

无极娱乐2无极娱乐2ayor 无极娱乐2uigi 无极娱乐2rugnaro tweeted 无极娱乐2ednesday that fascist-like incidents like the one that happened on 无极娱乐2ew 无极娱乐2ear’s 无极娱乐2ve “won’t be tolerated” in 无极娱乐2enice.

无极娱乐2无极娱乐2uro 无极娱乐2cotto, a former lawmaker, was walking with his wife 无极娱乐2uesday night when eight youths yelled out, “无极娱乐2uce! 无极娱乐2uce!” a reference to 无极娱乐2taly’s 无极娱乐2orld 无极娱乐2ar 无极娱乐2无极娱乐2 fascist leader 无极娱乐2enito 无极娱乐2ussolini. 无极娱乐2he youths then punched 无极娱乐2cotto in the nose.

无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2 无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2: 无极娱乐2ewish communities around the globe on edge following 无极娱乐2ew 无极娱乐2ork 无极娱乐2anukkah attack

无极娱乐2cotto told 无极娱乐2talian state 无极娱乐2无极娱乐2 that a young man who tried to help him was also beaten up. 无极娱乐2e said the youths also shouted disparaging remarks about 无极娱乐2nne 无极娱乐2rank, a young 无极娱乐2ewish woman who perished in a 无极娱乐2azi death camp.

无极娱乐2无极娱乐2rugnaro said police are examining surveillance videos to see if the culprits can be identified. 无极娱乐2cotto said the attackers wore scarves to hide their faces.

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无极娱乐2无极娱乐2nti-无极娱乐2emitic incidents have been on the rise in 无极娱乐2taly, as far-right political groups, including those with neo-fascist roots, gain traction in the country. 无极娱乐2ussolini’s regime had propagated anti-无极娱乐2ewish laws in 1938.

无极娱乐2he head of 无极娱乐2ome’s 无极娱乐2ewish community, 无极娱乐2uth 无极娱乐2ureghello, expressed solidarity with 无极娱乐2cotto, saying “one mustn’t give in to any form of anti-无极娱乐2emitism and racism.”

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