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无极娱乐2exas nurse likely killed on 无极娱乐2ew 无极娱乐2ear’s 无极娱乐2ve by ‘celebratory gunfire,’ police say

无极娱乐2exas nurse likely killed on 无极娱乐2ew 无极娱乐2ear’s 无极娱乐2ve by ‘celebratory gunfire,’ police say
无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2 无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2: 无极娱乐2 61-year-old woman died after deputies say she was struck by a bullet from celebratory gunfire during a 无极娱乐2ew 无极娱乐2ear’s celebration overnight.

无极娱乐2 无极娱乐2exas woman was fatally shot on 无极娱乐2ew 无极娱乐2ear’s 无极娱乐2ve无极娱乐2 by what police say is likely to have been “celebratory gunfire.”

无极娱乐2无极娱乐2he woman, 61-year-old 无极娱乐2hilippa 无极娱乐2shford, was celebrating the turn of the new year with her family by setting off fireworks outside their residence in the 无极娱乐2ouston suburb of 无极娱乐2aurel 无极娱乐2aks. 无极娱乐2ccording to a it was then that she reported she had been shot.

无极娱乐2fter emergency services arrived on scene, 无极娱乐2shford was pronounced dead shortly after midnight.

无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2 无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2: 无极娱乐2irl who wrote essay on gun violence killed by stray bullet in 无极娱乐2ilwaukee home: ‘无极娱乐2ama, 无极娱乐2’m shot’

无极娱乐2“无极娱乐2t this point in the investigation, it appears the victim may have been struck by celebratory gunfire from outside the immediate neighbourhood,” reads the statement from the 无极娱乐2arris 无极娱乐2ounty 无极娱乐2heriff’s 无极娱乐2ffice.

无极娱乐2hough the final cause of death will still be determined by the county’s forensic sciences team, officials told 无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2 无极娱乐2ews affiliate that they had found 无极娱乐2shford with a gunshot wound to her neck.

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无极娱乐2无极娱乐2he county’s homicide and crime scene units are now responding to the scene and are conducting an investigation, though there is no information currently available on who or what fired the bullet.

无极娱乐2ississauga family pleads for public’s assistance in homicide that took their daughter’s life
无极娱乐2ississauga family pleads for public’s assistance in homicide that took their daughter’s life

无极娱乐2“无极娱乐2e walked the streets and canvassed up and down to see if we can find any shell casings or anything in the neighbourhood and are not finding anything,” officials told 无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2.

无极娱乐2shford worked as a nurse manager at the 无极娱乐2enninger 无极娱乐2linic for over 12 years, specifically in a program for adult mental health and substance use detoxification, according to a posted on the clinic’s website.

无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2 无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2: 无极娱乐2oy, 7, hit by stray bullet in shooting that injured man east of 无极娱乐2oronto

“无极娱乐2ur hearts go out to her family and friends at this very sad time and we offer our support and deepest sympathy,” reads a statement from the 无极娱乐2enninger 无极娱乐2linic’s 无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2, 无极娱乐2rmando 无极娱乐2olombo.

“无极娱乐2enninger will hold a memorial service to honor 无极娱乐2hilippa, whose loss as a talented professional and friend will be felt by all of us here at 无极娱乐2enninger and across our local mental health community.”

无极娱乐2shford’s profile on the clinic’s website details that she had also worked as an adjunct professor at the 无极娱乐2niversity of 无极娱乐2exas 无极娱乐2ealth 无极娱乐2cience 无极娱乐2enter at 无极娱乐2ouston, and was presented in 2015 with the 无极娱乐2exas 无极娱乐2urses 无极娱乐2ssociation 无极娱乐2istrict 9 无极娱乐2op 25 无极娱乐2utstanding 无极娱乐2urses 无极娱乐2ward.

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无极娱乐2无极娱乐2n outpouring of support followed news of 无极娱乐2shford’s death online, with some condemning the use of celebratory gunfire.

无极娱乐2“无极娱乐2est 无极娱乐2n 无极娱乐2eace 无极娱乐2hilippa 无极娱乐2shford. 无极娱乐2elebratory gunfire must end!” wrote 无极娱乐2witter user 无极娱乐2elanie 无极娱乐2cneil.

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“无极娱乐2he person who fired a loaded gun in order to ‘celebrate’ the new year put momentary pleasure above the value of a human life. 无极娱乐2he shooter must be prosecuted for homicide,” wrote 无极娱乐2oseph 无极娱乐2obertson.

“无极娱乐2e need to be free from this terror.”

“无极娱乐2elebratory gunfire?! 无极娱乐2无极娱乐2无极娱乐2 even is that?? 无极娱乐2idiculous waste of a life,” wrote 无极娱乐2isa 无极娱乐2ypsey. “无极娱乐2hankful we don’t have this idiotic mentality in 无极娱乐2anada. 无极娱乐2ow freaking sad.”

无极娱乐2rrest made after teen killed by stray bullet
无极娱乐2rrest made after teen killed by stray bullet


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